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Testimonials for Mandy Kent

Testimonials for Mandy Kent Thank you for such perfect treatment. I'm not afraid of dentists anymore Mrs JL

Very thorough, very gentle, first class Mr RN
Well done, Mandy, such a gift, gentle and gifted dentist Mrs JC
Mandy - thanks so much - a big filling and I didnt feel a thing! Mr PE
Thank you for seeing mum so quick. Very kind and gentle with her. It is good to have such a friendly and caring dentist. Mrs JD

There are dentists - and there is Dr Mandy Kent! She is the best and charming to boot Mrs CJ

For 50 years I have feared going to the dentist. Now I look forward to seeing Mandy. A bright smile awaits me! Mr SC

Thank you for a lovely painfree experience Mrs DN

"Mandy has transformed the appearance of my teeth. I'm really thrilled, especially as my son gets married in August so I can feel confident that my teeth look good in the photos"
JB 28.04.14

"I have had 2 crowns done and I must say how good the treatment was. I was made to feel very relaxed and felt no pain. It was a very good experience as I am normally very scared of dental treatment. I highly recommend Mandy Kent" JM 04.07.14

"Thank you for such perfect treatment. I'm not afraid of dentists any more!" JL 28.07.14